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June 26, 2007

Prince of Wales Reduces Carbon Footprint

Generally when conversation turns to the environment we think of whales, not Wales. And when it comes to big shoes to fill, we don’t generally think of the carbon footprint of a would-be monarch.
However, today Charles, prince of Wales revealed that his carbon footprint is shrinking.
Reuters cited an annual financial report, which maintains that the Prince cut carbon emissions by nine percent last year, leaving his household responsible for 3,425 tons of carbon dioxide output.
How did the globetrotting Prince achieve the reduction? Among the environmentally friendly strategies that were implemented:
  • He installed woodchip boilers at his residences
  • He converted his Jaguar and Land Rover to 100 percent biodiesel (made from used cooking oil), and
  • He bought regional produce to save food miles.
“More work needs to be done with the household’s advisers to identify where further reductions can be achieved,” the report read.
Charles has also pledged to offset emissions by investing in sustainable energy projects where reductions are not possible.
The report claims that the Prince’s household has been “carbon neutral” since 2005.

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