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December 03, 2013

Green Day Technologies, Inc. Acquired By Kleangas

On Monday, Kleangas Energy Technologies, Inc. announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Green Day Technologies, Inc.

KleanGas Energy Technologies is a research and development company. It is a young company whose mission is to bring both energy efficiency and emissions reduction to the world.

One of the processes Green Day Technology will gaining from the acquisition of KleanGas is called “splitting or cracking.” Water is put through the “splitting and cracking" process through the process of electrolysis, which means electricity is run through the water. The process separates the the water molecules into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Now the gas can be separated or recombined to HHO gas or oxy-hydrogen. HHO gas can be used as a fuel source and it reduces emissions when added to other gases or fuels. 

KleanGas Energy is a research and development company dedicated to producing alternative clean technologies that promote energy efficiency and emissions reduction devices throughout a wide range of applications. KleanGas designs, develops and markets various technologies including Oxy-Hydrogen on-demand generators, Reverse Fuel Cells, Hydrogen powered devices,

Green Day Technologies Inc. has licensed patented waste heat to electric power generation technology. It works as a co-generator when installed on a primary electrical generator unit. Green Day also has patents pending for the sale of refuse and biomass derived pellets.

"Green Day has several contracts in place and if the contracts come to fruition it will be good news for the Company and our shareholders. On another note," continued Mr. Wylie, "we have been able to reduce the outstanding shares by over a billion shares through negotiations with major shareholders which reduce the dilution impact due to the share exchange with the acquisition of Green D Technologies, Inc," William Wylie, Kleangas Energy Technologies president said. 

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