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April 17, 2013

Amazon Announces Top Ten Cities for Green Home Furnishings

With a name like Amazon, it is only fitting and proper that the world’s largest online retailer has opened dedicated green shopping sites in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany.

At the U.S. Amazon Green Home Improvement Store, customers can find more than 8,000 products that improve home energy efficiency, from LED light bulbs to low-flow showerheads to programmable thermostats.

But who buys green home furnishings online? With a couple of interesting exceptions, sales are highest in cities that are technology hubs. The findings are based on transaction data compiled by Amazon, which is itself physically located in one of the top shopping locales—Seattle.

 Based on customer purchases on Amazon since April 2012, the top ten cities for purchases of energy-efficient home improvement product purchases are:

1.     Miami, Florida

2.     Cambridge, Massachusetts

3.     Alexandria, Virginia

4.     Berkeley, California

5.     San Francisco, California

6.     Seattle, Washington

7.     Bellevue, Washington

8.     Orlando, Florida

9.     Ann Arbor, Michigan

10.   Sunnyvale, California

Overall, the State of California—which already leads the nation in solar deployments as well as in renewable energy and environmental legislation—was the bastion of energy-efficient home improvement purchases. Eight out of the top 20 cities for the most energy-efficient home improvement product purchases are located in The Golden State. 

Among all customers, LED light bulbs are the most popular items on the site, with hundreds of thousands of orders for the highly energy efficient bulbs during the past year alone.  

Customers in Alexandria, Virginia, are saving money on their water utility bills. They topped the list for ordering the most WaterSense fixtures, including bathroom sink faucets, toilets, and shower and tub faucets. 

Finally, Miami is a hot spot for programmable thermostats. Not only did it take the number-one ranking with the most green home improvement product purchases, but it also took the winning spot in the programmable thermostat category.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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