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Simplify, Virtualize and Innovate your Customer Service Operations

Company Name: Genesys


Implementing a standards-based, 100% software solution helps you adopt new communication channels such as web, mobile and video for Customer Service. In addition to addressing today's challenges of optimizing costs, Genesys SIP Contact Center Solution helps you better utilize your resources through virtualization. You can put in place a platform that is future proof and innovate Customer Service.

TMC is proud to present Simplify, Virtualize and Innovate your Customer Service Operations, an on-demand webcast brought to you by Genesys. Listen to Jim Kraeutler, Strategic Business Director for IP Virtualization share 10 success stories in 20 minutes. Learn how:

• A Ticket Sales and Distribution company in USA achieved ROI in 12 Months
• A Healthcare Provider in Italy is using video for patient communication
• A Retail Bank in Middle East is using video to communicate with high-value customers
• An Insurance Provider in France improved agent efficiency by 20%
• A Telecom Service Provider in United Kingdom has achieved 99.999% uptime

Don't miss Simplify, Virtualize and Innovate your Customer Service Operations. Learn how you can virtualize your Contact Center infrastructure and save UP TO 50%

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