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ININ - Microsoft® Lync® in the Contact Center

Company Name: Interactive Intelligence


In September 2010, Microsoft issued what it termed a milestone update release of its
Office Communications family of products for unified communications (UC), including
Office Communications Server 20071. The improved “OCS” product lineup was even
given a new name — Microsoft Lync. As Microsoft explained at the time, the Lync brand
more clearly reflected the company’s vision to “bring together siloed real-time
communications systems and create new ways for people to connect.”
The OCS updates and revised product name paid off. Today for SMBs and larger
organizations, Microsoft Lync is one of the most acknowledged solutions on the UC
map. With Lync Server 2010 and other products that contribute to the Microsoft Lync
platform, an organization gets the core messaging, collaboration, and conferencing
functionality that makes unified communications so appealing. Lync also delivers the
voice capability essential to UC by way of voice over IP (VoIP) via the Lync 2010 client
and interoperability with various telephony PBX vendors. Added up, the Microsoft Lync
2010 platform gives most any enterprise a sound foundation for UC implementation.

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