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Achieving the Gold Standard in Data Protection for the Smart Grid
Privacy by Design
6/18/2010 3:21:11 PM
There are two schools of thought among electrical utilities regarding the Smart Grid. The first
is that the Smart Grid is simply an extension of current functions and that taking a business-asusual
approach is sufficient. The second is that the Smart Grid presents new opportunities for
growth and change, as well as new challenges for collecting more granular data than ever before
on customers’ energy consumption. Utilities that ascribe to the second group recognize that the
Smart Grid will be transformative in nature and can take steps to address any new issues that
may arise. I call this taking a “positive-sum” approach wherein the interests of both electrical
reform and privacy may be achieved.

Realizing the OpenADR Demand and Response specification using SIP
SIP Forum
6/10/2010 12:13:29 PM
A Demand Response (DR) program is a critical component, typically developed and offered by Utility companies/ISOs that offer participants to contribute effectively for better energy load management/ reduction. Typical participants include individuals as well as small and large corporations. A DR program typically ties in with a dynamic pricing scheme for electricity where participants, depending on a variety of factors (such as time of day, price etc.) can actively participate in requesting a Utility for increase or reduction of electricity demand. While this helps in cost reduction for participants, it significantly helps Utility/ISOs reduce their own cost and manage distribution of electricity (which is a finite resource) better. Several Utilities/ISOs offer incentive programs to participants for taking part in DR programs . In addition to DR, automation of DR is a key concept which helps reduce human intervention and increases accuracy and responsiveness to the DR program.

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