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UPDATED 10:46 PM EST - Apr 24, 2014

Smart Grid Communication Tech Companies Get Most VC Funding in Q1

Venture capital funding of smart grid tech companies dropped when comparing Q1 of 2014 and Q1 of 2013, but some sectors did better than others.

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Smart Grid Communication Tech Companies Get Most VC Funding in Q1

Venture capital funding of smart grid tech companies dropped when comparing Q1 of 2014 and Q1 of 2013, but some sectors did better than others. [ Read More ]

Hybrids Not Good Enough Anymore

Society first reached a tipping point with its demand for cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles by demanding hybrids, result-gasoline- and battery-powered automobiles ushered onto the road by early frontrunners such as the popular Toyota Prius. Now, consumers want more, and they are reaching for purely-electric vehicles. No gasoline required. [ Read More ]

Fujitsu Tackles e-Waste Responsibly with AnythingIT's Help

It's great to own smartphones, laptops, televisions and other electronic items to enjoy the numerous benefits they offer, but with this enjoyment comes the responsibility of disposing e-waste appropriately. As computers, tablets and laptops become a necessity for maximizing productivity, enterprises are churning out e-waste by the tons. [ Read More ]

WFT Signs a Multi-Year Contract with Top Renewable Energy Company in Western Canada

Wharfedale Technologies (WFT), an IT services firm offering SAP based integration services, signed a multi-year contract with a renewable energy company headquartered in western Canada. [ Read More ]

Shintec Hozumi Installs Kyocera's Solar-Powered Recharging Station for Disaster Prevention

Kyocera Corporation, a provider of solar power generating systems in Japan, has announced the installation of its solar-powered recharging station for electric vehicles (EV), called as "Solar Cycle Station for EV," at Shintec Hozumi Co., Ltd. for disaster prevention. [ Read More ]

Ericsson Emphasizes Responsible Business, Energy and Technology for Good in 2013

Ericsson, a Swedish multinational provider of communications technology and services, has published its 21st "Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility" report summarizing its performance during 2013. [ Read More ]

Frost & Sullivan: Building Automation Systems to Gain Traction

The building automation systems market in Europe appears to be on a roll. News analysis from Frost & Sullivan confirms this trend and states that the market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.5 percent until 2018. [ Read More ]

GE Providiing Technologies to Brazil's Power Sector

Brazil is going to host two important international events in quick succession-the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. With the country's rising prominence in the global economy, the country is experiencing a steep surge in the domestic consumption of electricity. Utilities find themselves in the extremely challenging position of making investments for the upgrading and modernization of the country's power grid. [ Read More ]

Smart Grid Market Set for Explosive Growth in Next Decade

Recent studies show that smart grid technology is set to take off in the next few years. As a result, the way that utilities operate will change dramatically and cause the emergence of a new IT market. [ Read More ]

Kuraray and Amyris Extend Collaboration in Farnesene-based Polymers

Amyris, an integrated renewable alternate products company, recently announced an extension of the collaboration time period with Kuraray, a pioneer in global chemical products. Kuraray has an ongoing collaboration with Amyris to leverage Amyris' Biofene renewable farnesene, a long-chain hydrocarbon to develop high performance farnesene based polymers. The research and development division for the collaboration has been extended for a minimum of two years. [ Read More ]

Panasonic's New Eneloop Batteries Bring Flexibility, Convenience to Rechargeable Cells

Panasonic Energy Europe NV has introduced a new line of eneloop rechargeable batteries, set for released in the U.K. as of this month. These batteries combine the benefits of dry cells - performance and convenience - with the cost efficiency and sustainability of rechargeable batteries to create a reliable battery that can be recharged up to 2,100 times. [ Read More ]

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